Monday, September 19, 2011

Latest Shenanigans

This morning the kids got into an extended skirmish over whether or not you can marry your sister legally. It went something like this:

J: Tyler is going to help me on my farm when I grow up.
K: Me too!
J: Katie, it's illegal to marry your sister.
K: No, it's NOT!!!!!!
J: Yes, it is!
K: Nuh-uh!!!!!!!
J: Yes-huh!!!!!
K: Nuh-uh!!!!
(Repeat approximately 23 more times)

And then....

Katie, Tyler and I were at Target this morning. I always dread talking Tyler shopping, because he is in a stage where he doesn't want to be in the stroller or the cart or anything that restricts him in any way. He also has mad Houdini skills which allow him to wiggle out of any harness known to man. He recently learned that if he pulls up the bottom of the handle side of a shopping cart, he can squeeze through and escape. (You know...the part that folds up when carts are pushed together) He did that this morning, then proceeded to climb onto the bottom rack of the cart. After that, he got out and ran in circles. All of this occurred within about 4 seconds. I sighed, looked at him and said 'Tyler, you're a maniac.' He laughed, looked at me (while running in circles of course), and said 'I a may-eeeeeeeee-ack! I a may-eeeeeeeeee-ack!' Yes, Tyler, you are! An adorable little maniac, but a maniac none the less.

Quick James Update: He did OK today, not as good as Friday, but OK. I am so ready for this phase to be over and for him to just settle in. I have now bribed him with a carnival ride if he can go right to class with his class mates instead of to the guidance counselor's office first. I hope it works.

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