Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When Your Teacher Is A Communist

Jeff has been taking a summer class from a professor that is a complete nut job. During the first class, he talked at length about his political views and criticized Obama for being too conservative. By the second or third class, it became clear that he is, according to his own description, a Communist/Socialist in his views. He spent a good length of time bashing America, and white people, and how they repress everyone else, mainly black people and women. He used derogatory terms and profanity to describe Americans who fought to establish this nation. He also talked about how children should not look up to their own fathers, rather to sports figures and super heroes. Guess what?! This isn't even a class about politics. He just uses the class as a platform to rant, rave and show bizarre and inappropriate movies so he doesn't have to teach. One student actually suggested that they watch a certain (very strange) movie and offered up his Netflix account. The teacher agreed, and they then spent the rest of the class watching some twisted and pointless movie. Originally, he had said that their grade would be based on two papers. A student suggested that they only have to write one paper, and he immediately agreed. So, their whole semester's grade is based on one paper. The kicker? As long as everyone puts in some sort of effort, no matter how meager, they are all getting A's, even the kid who was busted for plagiarism!!!! The moral of the story? When your teacher is a communist/socialist, you will get an A whether you deserve it or not.

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Just like everyone who really doesn't want a job can have free money.



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