Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camping, The First Installment

We went camping with three kids, and came back with three kids, so I consider our camping trip a success! Here is the first installment of pictures:

We went to Hickory Run State Park, in the Pocono 'Mountains.' Just to give you Colorado peeps an idea of what a PA mountain looks like, here she is in all her glory. No, the mountain does not get any taller on the right of the picture, and no, we were not already part way up the mountain.
Look, Ma! I can climb!

Exploring in the woods near our campsiteThis is some treacherous territory! Hold on to your false teeth, Tyler! (OK, I totally could have gone around this tree, but what fun would that have been?)

Look! It's Sasquatch and her offspring!

We found this little pool of water down at the creek. Katie was looking for minnows.

James rigging up a play tent of his own.

James brought his Bible and an assortment of books to read on the trip

Ooooh! Magnets!!

Go Fish was the hit of the trip, game wise. The kids played many, many rounds with Jeff. One of them was always running up to me saying 'Mom, I smoked Daddy! I won! I won!'

Katie the 'supervisor' checking in on everyone

Fire! Pyros in the making

James was fascinated with the workings of the fire.

Tyler was fascinated by the food. And the worms. And the caterpillars. And the dirt. More on that tomorrow.

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Phillip and Rachel said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun...I love the picture with Katie and the magnets..hahaha!