Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camping: The Final Installment (Phew!!!)

At the boulder field

At this point, I think only the adoring grandparents are interested in more camping photos, but here goes, and I promise this is it! :)

Katie jumped from rock to rock, and given her reputation for less than stellar coordination, it was a cringe a minute for us.

James showcasing the sign, all while dutifully keeping his leg straight!

Spotted on the way to camp, the rare species 'Towerus Cell Phonia,' indigenous to the PA highway corridor. Seriously! Did they really think that it was going to blend in with anything? Gotta wonder what people are thinking sometimes.

Tyler the Mud Magnet

Trying to catch minnows and tadpoles; I caught one tadpole for them to see

Tyler inspecting Jeff's work

Bright eyed and bushy tailed

The boulder field is about 1400 feet long in the middle of the woods. Amazingly, it is about 10 feet deep and there is a stream that runs underneath it. If you walk out toward the middle you can hear it. We didn't go because of James' leg.


Staying up late


Marshmallows are very messy. The stickyness, combined with dirt and soot made for some filthy kids!

The second day of our trip, James was running and tripped and fell and split open his knee really bad. Like probably would've gotten stitches bad. I was on the fence about whether to try and find a place to take him, and Jeff wanted to bandage it up and see what happened. I am happy to say it is healing up nicely. We've had him keep his knee as straight as possible since then so as not to put pressure on the wound.

Dr. Jeff busts out a makeshift splint. It didn't go over well. It stayed on for about 3 seconds. Fortunately, James has been a trouper through the whole thing. I'm glad we had the stuff needed to clean him up and bandage it. Otherwise we would have taken him for sure.

Katie and Tyler playing in the dishwater. Tyler kept stirring it up and saying 'Making' very proudly. I am not sure what he was making, but it kept him entertained!

There was a sand beach there and Tyler spent his time literally wallowing in the sand, sticking his head in it, and floundering about.

Warm sand

James once yelled 'Hey, Mom, look at those boobies!!' and I had to correct him. Buoys, not boobies. True story. Fortunately he has since worked on his pronunciation.

Wondering how far out he can go without a) scaring Mom to death and b) scaring the jeebers out of himself

We should do this everyday, Ma!

On our way home

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