Monday, August 15, 2011

Camping, Continued

Katie playing with a worm she and Tyler found...

I am not sure if the worm survived all the love

I bet that worm didn't know what hit him! I'm pretty sure it was the first and last time it'd ever encountered a creature in a pink tutu!

Tyler was even more fascinated by the 'nakes' and would sit and dig them up with his grubby little hands. We told him they were worms, not snakes, but nevertheless, he insisted excitedly that they were 'nakes!'
Hey, look! The Beverly Hillbillies have moved in!

This was the view from our campsite

This picture cracks me up! James and his little caterpillar friend. The angle makes James' nostrils look downright cavernous.

More 'nakes!' I love this picture. Tyler and his inquisitive old man expression.

One of the gazillion caterpillars we encountered

The plight of Katie: her pants just won't stay up.

Here, Mom! A picture of me. I hope this qualifies :)

Enjoying the scenery near our camp

Checking out the caterpillar (Have you noticed I have a thing about photographing hands yet?)

Going through a 'secret passageway' in the rhododendrons

Sunlight through the branches

Katie apparently shares Jeff's fearlessness about heights, which in fact, adds to my fearFULLness. I would be happy if my children kept a conservative 10 feet away from any drop-off, thankyouverymuch!!!

We found a large rock field, thanks to satellite pictures on Jeff's Blackberry. Technology these days, it can be very useful. The rock fields came about by lots of freezing and thawing.

The intrepid explorers and their trusty guide

Wild low-bush blueberries everywhere. No wonder the bears like living there!

My Tevas. A certain someone likes to bust on me for these, saying things like 'Uh, 1990 called and it wants its shoes back.' But alas, I don't care!!! They are comfy and sturdy and good for what ails ya.

A boulder pile in the middle of the woods

Look! We climbed the mountain! We did it!

We decided that we should have set our tent up in this clearing we found. The moss was softer than most carpet!

And tomorrow, the last installment of camping pictures, also known as the "Megan can't narrow it down so she's posting a zillion pictures" post.

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Terry and Linda said...

You have had a delightful much fun and dirt and joy.

Hoo Ray!