Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Farm

We joined our CSA again this year. We go every Tuesday morning to pick up our share, and do the U Pick crops. It is always so much fun, even though the kids have taken to complaining that it's farm day again!!! Then they go and roll in the dirt and all is well in their worlds. Oh, and they pick ground cherries...lots of them. I don't really care for ground cherries but they love them and will sit there and pick them up, unwrap and eat them.

Tyler grazes indiscriminately, sampling green tomatoes, unripe berries, and the semi-rotten tomatoes that fall from the vines along with everything else. I try to keep an eye on my basket because once he finds it, he will plop down and help himself to whatever looks good to him. He won't really eat cherry tomatoes at home, but he will eat them at the farm. Go figure!

Eureka! I've hit the jackpot!!

Beautiful little helper, isn't she?

Sungold Tomatoes: deeeeelicious!

Between the farm and my garden, I feel like eating in the summer is such an extravagance. I can eat as many fresh tomatoes as I want, for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I want. Even though we are rolling in tomatoes right now, I will miss them when they are gone. For now, I will enjoy my produce drawers full to the top with lots of yummy produce and try to fill up my freezer and pantry before summer runs its course.

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Anonymous said...

What sunny smiles and delightful memories you are making, beside great food.