Friday, August 05, 2011

Best News!!

Katie had her 'big' appointment today at CHOP. Last year, her hip had made no progress and the doctor had said that if it didn't improve then we might have to consider surgery. All year I have been praying that it would grow on its own, so she wouldn't have to have surgery and another cast. Well, guess what?! It has improved and is 'good enough,' so no surgery. Woooo!!!! I am so happy! He said that there are a lot of people with the degree of displasia that Katie has who walk around every day and don't even know they have it. He also said that her femurs twist a little when she walks (typical of hip dysplasia). I asked him if that is why she runs like she does, where her knees twist in and her legs flail out. He said that was also due to the dysplasia, and called the 'egg beater' run. It isn't a problem at all. Yayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so relieved and happy, can't you tell?

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Terry and Linda said...

Oh! WONDERFUL! Just wonderful! I know you are more than relieved!