Monday, May 02, 2011

Tyler's Shenanigans

Yesterday we picked Tyler up from the church nursery and they informed us that he tried to scale the cabinets. Yep. Sounds about right. At home yesterday, he climbed to the top of Jeff's ladder. He climbed over everything in the shed to get to a lawn mower and planted himself firmly back there, forcing me to climb over everything to go get him. Last night we were at our small group and he was about .000000001 seconds away from pulling the fire alarm. He was pushing in the lever, ready to pull it down.*** We can't take our eyes off him for a second. On Saturday night, I went out to bring the chickens in. I wasn't halfway through the yard when I heard the sound of crinkling plastic through the open window. I KNEW exactly what he was doing. I yelled 'No!!' and ran back in as fast as I could. Sure enough, he had quickly taken the opportunity to slide a chair into the kitchen, climb up on the counter, retrieve the leftover bag of jelly beans, and, as I was running in the door....spill them all over the place. He had a mouthful of beans. Later, when I was tucking them into bed, I thought he was with Jeff. No! He was in the kitchen all steathly-like, shoving jelly beans in his mouth AGAIN!!! This kid is a maniac!!

***Speaking of fire alarms, my sister once pulled the fire alarm at St. Mary's hospital in Grand Junction. They started bringing people out right away and I am sure my parents were pretty mortified to tell the hospital staff that their 3 year old had pulled the alarm. The fire department came and a fireman sat right across from my sister and gave her a little talk.

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