Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Last night we were in a rush (as usual) to get ready for Cubbies. It was closing night last night, and the kids got to sing two songs on stage. (I'll post videos later) Con-Rachel always comes over on Wednesday nights for dinner, then we head off to church. I knew I needed to bring the chickens in before we left, because it would be way past dark when we got home. (The coop isn't finished yet) I was rushing around, getting the kids dressed in CLEAN clothes, getting myself into clean clothes, finding the Cubbies vests, etc.. I went outside to get the chickens, was chasing them around the run and caught a few. On the way out, I hit my head so hard that I bounced back and landed on my butt. In the dirt. And chicken poop. You know what James said? 'That was dumb.' Now, I can just hear the exact same thing coming, rather unsympathetically, out of either Jeff's or my dad's mouth!!! The apple didn't fall far from the tree on that one. I had to rush in and change back into my other not-clean-but-better-than-chicken-poop jeans, and was reminded that I really need to have more than two pairs of pants!!!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that what I read was not funny at all, I don't understand why I was laughing so hard with tears running down my face. You poor thing! Your blogs are what keeps me coming back!

By the way, Beth from Mane Tamer in Colfax says Hi. I was telling them about James and his mustard and frog legs and Beth got so excited, she says, I konw Megan, I used to cut her hair, she said, I really liked her.
So there you have it! Hot off the press

DayPhoto said...

OH! GOSH! I hope you didn't get hurt very bad!