Friday, May 20, 2011

Chicken Wrangling

Because we still haven't finished the actual coop (this weekend...hopefully), I have to herd the chickens up every night. They are getting big, and they are fast. I have to back them into the corner and catch them one by one. Chicken Noodle almost always escapes, which leaves me carrying four clucking, wiggling chickens into the garage and closing the door so they don't get out. Then I go back out and chase Noodle around the yard. I try to chase her toward the house so she doesn't fly over the fence. I bet the neighbors probably set their clocks for 8:00 each night when the crazy lady chases a chicken around the yard. Great entertainment, I am sure. Once, the wayward chicken went under the picnic table. That was super. But so far, so good. I am getting pretty good at anticipating the ninja chicken's moves, and thwarting them. After catching the chicken, I take it into the garage where the other four have capitalized on their freedom and are prancing around the garage looking for something to eat. I have to catch each one and put them in the cage for the night. It'll be very nice when they can just trot up the plank into their very own chicken door and I won't have to herd them every night. Until then, I am sure I am keeping the neighbors entertained.


Anonymous said...

You remind him of a can opener??? It would be so interesting how he made that connection, he is too funny! Don't you just wish you could know what they are thinking, well....sometimes?

Don said...

It really is quite simple. A can opener opens up a world of goodness otherwise unavailable. Mom's do the same. Consider yourself opening up a world of goodness and love for your kids. What's so hard about that?

DayPhoto said...

You can trim the wing feather so they don't fly. Just cut the tips off the feathers on the wings. They will grow back, by that time the chicken has forgotten it can fly. If it still remembers trim them again.