Monday, May 23, 2011

How To Fit 10 Pounds of Shtuff Into A 5 Pound Weekend

This weekend was ridiculous, as in ridiculously busy. It was one of those weekends where we ended up having way too much scheduled. Saturday we had Con-Rachel's graduation. Saturday afternoon, her graduation party. Sunday, we had church and a BBQ. Oh, and did I mention it was the first somewhat non-rainy, not-really-free weekend we've had to re-roof the shed. Yeah. We had to squeeze that in too. Saturday morning I went to the graduation while Jeff watched all three kids and tore the roof off the shed roof. Everyone was unharmed and still alive when I returned. Bonus points for Jeff!! We continued work on the shed up until the very last minute. I was running in and out of the house checking on the Con-Rachel friendly cake I was making (sugar and gluten free). Shingles...chocolate....nailing up flashing....set the oven to 350. Its a wonder everything worked out. At the party there were various jokes about the impending 'Judgement,' and at 6:00 someone in the neighborhood set off a very loud explosion. It was pretty hilarious! They get points for thinking of that. No doubt someone was second guessing themselves when they heard that. Sunday morning consisted of working on the shed, dusting the sawdust off me, and taking the kids to church while Jeff stayed home and worked on the shed. After guessed it...we worked on the shed. I managed to hammer my finger and now I have myself a nice swollen, purple digit. Ouch!! Again, we worked til the last minute, with me alternating between the shed, and making Peanut Butter thumbprint cookies and roasted potatoes. The BBQ was very nice and the kids got to run out a lot of energy. We got home, dumped them in bed and sat in front of the TV in a comatose state, which is probably the same state you find yourself in after reading a play-by-play of our weekend. :)

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