Monday, May 16, 2011

Rhubarb! Dirt! Chickens! Pictures!

(Things are growing in the garden)

I managed to procure just a wee bit of rhubarb on Friday.

Have I mentioned that we love rhubarb? I think I could've gotten twice that much and we'd have eaten it. I brought my cutting board and freezer bags upstairs and sat and cut up rhubarb for an hour or more. And I only finished half of it! Over the weekend, I made a batch of Bluebarb Jam (Blueberries + Rhubarb) and it is delicious! I also made Rhubarb BBQ sauce, and I even refrained from labeling it 'Rhu-bar-B-Que Sauce.'

(Tyler closing in on the jam: Mmm!!)

We also spent a ton of time outside. It was just too nice. I wanted to get a bunch of stuff planted before the rain came. Its supposed to rain all week. I planted purple potatoes! I really hope they do well. I've never grown potatoes before.

Tyler dug in the dirt for over an hour, which is longer than I have ever seen him stay in one thing!

Scrumptious chubby feet! Makes me want to have 12 more babies (not all at once! :)

More chubbiness!!

These two are pretty adorable themselves! Here, they were making some sort of slop for their 'pigs'

James' favorite new job is feeding the chickens. He likes giving them little treats.

I'll smile for you if you leave me alone and let me go back to my DIRT!!

Chicken Noodle (soup?) on the left, Cheepa on the right

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Anonymous said...

All too precious, thanks for sharing!!! Glad we haven't put a garden in yet, we have another big storm coming in this afternoon, not suppose to have snow today, it surprised everyone even the news media. Good ol global warming, LOL!
Your garden is beautiful! All the good yummy things to eat, continue to enjoy!