Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pulling Their Weight

We finally got around to dyeing our Easter eggs today. I am so on the ball. We were going to do them on Sunday when my sister in law was over, but we had such a nice time sitting in the sun and watching the kids that we didn't get around to it. Despite the fact that I put out 5 colors of dye, James made all his eggs blue and Katie made all hers pink. It was fun watching them have fun. Afterward, I had them make their own lunch. I gave them each two hard boiled eggs in a bowl (I did peel them) and gave them a fork. They mashed the eggs up and I gave them mayo, mustard and dill. They stirred that up and had themselves some egg salad. Its about time they started pulling their own weight around here! :)

PS. Tyler has a new found affinity for dill pickles! He gets all excited and bounces up and down in his chair at the thought of a pickle. The other day he ate one dipped in applesauce. Blech!

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