Monday, May 02, 2011

Katie The Chicken Whisperer

We spent the weekend building a run for the chickens. It is almost done, with the exception of the door....which is kind of important. Katie spent the weekend tending to her chickies, digging them worms, picking grass for them. She walked around with this little girl (guy??????) for quite a while. I actually kind of forgot that she had her (him? this is the chick in question) and when I looked over, she was going down the slide with the chick in her arms. She walked it around and talked to it, and it fell asleep in her arms. Katie...the chicken whisperer!

Here is a picture of the run. We have since added a screened roof panel. There is chicken wire buried around the perimeter so predators can't dig under there. We will build the coop inside the shed, and cut a chicken door for them to go through.


Anonymous said...

Nice gussets.

DayPhoto said...

AHHH! She is! And the little chick so agrees. I would think by this age (if a rooster) he would be trying to crow...and thereby you would know.