Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things That Make You Go Huh???

The other night, the word on the street was that there were two weed whackers in someones trash!!!! (The explanation points are SARCASM.) We all know how Jeffrey is attached to his pet lawn mowers, all four of them. So it should be no surprise that his love for lawn grooming paraphanalia would also extend to weed whackers. (Oddly, though, he actually hates yard work) To his credit, the man does need himself a weed whacker. And he can fix anything. All this to say that Jeff decided to go liberate the weed whackers from their sentence to the landfill. It was only down our street, and he drove over and threw both weed whackers in the back of the truck. When he was driving back, there was a quick hiss and bam! The tire was flat as can be. He got out and looked, dumbfounded, to see a small stick poking out of the side of the tire. (Not the tread...the side!!) The stick was about 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter and 4 inches long. An old, brittle stick...not sharp at all. Two ladies happened to be walking by and heard the tire pop. They were just as shocked. We can't for the life of us figure out how in the world a stick like that could poke into the side of a tire but it is what it is....two broken lawnmowers for the low, low price of one new tire!

And another story that is kind of funny, if a bit sad: James came up to me the other day and was very serious: 'Mommy, Daddy never pooped when he was a little boy.' I said 'Yes, he did. Everyone does.' 'No,' he replied. 'Daddy never had food to eat when he was a little boy, and you only poop when you eat food, so he never pooped.' Jeff has told him in the past that when he was growing up there was never enough food and that they often only had one meal a day. (Which is, unfortunately, true) That must have kept coming up in James' mind, and he came to the conclusion that if you don't eat, well, you don't poop. That kid is always thinking!

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