Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Worms, Balloons, Nonsense!!

Pippy Woodstockings

Our new-from-the-dumpster brooder

This weekend we gave the chickies their first handful o' worms. Hilarious!! They jump for them, chase each other all over the place, even try to escape from the cage in order to eat their worm in peace. They also had grubs, disgusting juicy grubs. Grubs are gross, but with each one I toss into the cage I have one less grub to terrorize the garden! The chicks now equate an open hand with food, which has led to a few digits being nibbled on.

Enjoying the ridiculously warm weather

Chicken Noodle? Cheepa? Not sure which chick this is...not sure it really matters either.

Tyler desperately wants to hold the chicks

Big Martha staring down the camera

Hmmmm....can we eat those?

Tyler is officially a fan of balloons. He can spot one a mile away and spends the duration of his time at whatever location saying 'ba-oon, ba-oon, ba-oon,' over and over and over again. I bought him one of those big mylar ones yesterday and the boy is in heaven. This is in direct contrast to James, who was deathly afraid of balloons for the first four years of his life.

Yesterday was a whopping 84 degrees!! It felt quite hot actually, considering its been in the mid-50's. Today is back into the 50's but it was nice for a day. We even filled up the baby pool. The clean water got muddy very quickly after they stirred it around with a sunflower stalk they scrounged from the garden, roots still attached. Of course they also had to go fishing with a butterfly net!


Phillip and Rachel said...

The chickies are so cute! I also really like the picture of Tyler's little chubby hand...delicious :)

Linda Dashiell said...

Your weather sounds just like ours, we are suppose to have snow showers tomorrow, go figure, does anyone know this is April soon to be May?
The chicks are really growing! our neighbor has 12 full grown hens and she gives us free eggs, hummy! It won't be long and we will be talking about how hot it is, maybe. Since October we have had 49.66 inches of rain/snow all converted to water! Our drought is OVER!