Friday, April 22, 2011

Tyler and the Chickens

I am thinking about making up a new shirt for Tyler, something like 'Chickens tremble at the sound of my name.' He loves the chicks. Its just that he hasn't quite learned how to temper his enthusiasm. Although I do not intentionally let him hold them, he sometimes manages to grab one while no one is looking. He is completely unfazed by any squawking, flapping, or flailing. He doesn't mind at all. No! He has a chick and he's going to have fun while he can. Fortunately, I don't think he squeezes them, but I always try to get them away from him ASAP. When not wrangling stray chickens, he likes to drive his toy trucks over the top of the brooder, and stick his chubby little worm-fingers in the cage for the chicks to peck at. If he has a snack, he sticks some through for the chicks. He also shares with them, basically anything he can squeeze through the cage. I have found several pens and pencils, a rubber stamp, a toy frog, and several small toys. Either they are going to be scared to death of him, or totally unflappable. In the meantime they just have to figure out what to make of him.

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DayPhoto said...

Ahhh! Chickens and little boys...they just go together!