Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Happenings

We had so much rain this weekend it was unbelievable. The baby pool was nearly full overnight (and it was completely EMPTY when we started). After the rain came sunshine, and I worked in my somewhat soggy garden. Everything is coming up nicely and I am hoping to have some radishes in a week or two. Over the weekend Tyler managed not to add any new bruises to his countenance. Katie sat in her car seat on the way to church rocking her 'baby chickies' (a bean bag) and yelling at her brothers to SHHHHHH!!!!!! MY BABIES ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was pretty hilarious. James has moved into the arena of horse racing and now makes himself various obstacles and a starting gate which he uses for racing his stick horse, Patty. The chickens are growing, along with the amount of wood shavings they fling out of their cage each day. It will be nice for them to be outside where they can fling to their hearts content and I won't have to sweep the floor after them. They have all got the hang of perching, even sleeping on it. Now whenever I am near I get the 'What did she bring us??? Worms!??! look:

We also celebrated Easter this weekend with my bro and his wife and Mom and Dad. I made a cake (picture above). Alas, while I enjoy decorating cakes, I don't think I could even score a job at the grocery store bakery. I can never get the frosting to do what I want it too. Luckily the picture hides the flaws, and it tasted good too.

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DayPhoto said...

They are getting thier big gurl feathers!!!!

And your cake looked really good!