Friday, April 15, 2011

Family Boring Night

A while ago, James was requesting some sort of fun night that we could have every week. He started referring to it as Family Fun Night. We play board games, watch movies or play in the yard. This Family Fun Night holds a lot of excitement for the kids. They pretty much squeal when they find out its Friday. Jeff and I have taken to calling it Family Boring Night, or Family Torture Night, just for fun. Katie also likes using our terminology but James gets so riled up. 'It's NOT Family BORING Night, it's family FUN night!!!!!' he says, every single time. Like we're going to up and decide to sit around and watch paint dry or something. So tonight, after we watch the paint dry, we are going to partake in a little mens figure skating, followed by a trip to the grocery store to compare the price of antacids. To top of the exciting night, we'll watch an episode of 'The Secret Life of the North American Brown Spotted Moth.' Sound fun? I didn't think so either. Maybe we will stick to the usual Busytown board game, and maybe a round or two of Candyland, with a side of cookies.

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