Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crazy Days

By 9:00 am, I had already intercepted Tyler with a glass picture frame......and a chainsaw. Yes. Don't you let your kid play with those? By 9:00 am I had watched James do every rendition of the dances his Uncle Nate taught him: Stir the porridge, Start the lawnmower, The Sprinkler...and then a few of his own invention. My favorite: 'Cuttin' the hair' while he wiggled his hips and pretended to be buzzing his hair. Meanwhile, Tyler got a chair and climbed up to get into the easter candy. By 9:00am, we also discovered that the chicks had flown the brooder. Somehow they managed to escape into the garage. I think the latch wasn't quite closed. They were having fun. Its been a crazy morning. And guess what...I really hope I am wrong, but.....I think Chicken Noodle might be a rooster. The chicken in question has different coloring on its legs and beak, and the comb is more orangish-red. The feather coloring is also more distinct. I really hope I am wrong, but after all there is 5-10% margin when ordering pullets. Maybe I'll change its name to Chicken Noodle Soup.....

And did I mention that (fortunately not before 9am) I had to get my root canal re-done? Lovely.

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Anonymous said...

Root canal??? Oh my, I have had to have several of those done myself and I HATE having them done, I do not numb, I am a BASKET CASE when I have to have it done, I feel for YOU, I wish I would have known, I would have really prayed for YOU!!!!!

A rooster, oh, I had a good laugh over that one, that was the chicken that I really liked HIS name, soup? That was good!!!, not the name but the idea he could end up in the pot!