Friday, September 18, 2009

We almost got stuck with an extra kid...

Last night we had a strange thing happen. I think we may have narrowly avoided becoming indefinite babysitters for a poor little latchkey kid. Across the street there is a very old farmhouse right in the middle of our subdivision. The guy who lives there has a girlfriend, who has a little girl about Katie's age. The guy also has a daughter, maybe 10 or 11 years old. We were sitting down to dinner, and I was just telling Jeff that I felt sorry for the older girl because I think she is in charge of the little girl while her dad goes out with the girl's mom. Mid-sentence, there was knock at the door. Who was it, but the two girls. The older one mumbled something about the little girl wanting to come over and play. Mind you, it was 7:00pm. We usually eat way before then but it was one of those days. Anyway, I explained to the girl that the kids were eating dinner, and afterward they were going to bed. The older girl kind of seemed disappointed, and I asked her if she had to watch the little girl. She said yeah, and that she wanted to go hang out with her friends. When they left, I saw her take the little girl back across the street, then shoo her down the driveway and leave on her scooter. I do hope that someone was home to take care of the little girl, but I find it kind of strange. Given the circumstances, I think she would have just left the little girl there to play and taken off. Then what would I have done? I've only met the little girl's mother once, but apparently she isn't picky where her daughter goes or with whom. Is it just me, or is that a little weird? I don't think this is the last time she'll come over wanting to 'play,' and while I don't mind her playing for a bit, I am not going to be a babysitter. Such a strange situation.

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