Monday, September 21, 2009

Special Visitors and a Baby Shower Heist

I feel compelled to say here and now that we had a visitor last night: Frankie the Farter. He also came accompanied by his human friends who just happened to be our friends too. I just think his name is hilarious and it makes me laugh a little every time I say it. Juvenile, I know. Fortunately, he mostly behaved himself in regard to living up to his moniker. He had us going for a while, but after going around doing the 'sniff test' on all the kids, we determined it could be none other than Frankie, guessed it....farter. We also had a lot of fun with our friends, and the kids loved having their friend Joann to play with. I can't say they felt the same way about Frankie. My kids are not used to dogs, and they pretty much freaked out whenever he got within a few feet of them. Katie calls him 'Feeky' since she can't quite get the R in there. Franky, by the way, is some sort of bulldog. When James saw Franky get out of the car, he turned around to us and said 'Franky's face is really silly! Its all wrinkly!'

In other news, I have exceeded my tackiness quota for the year by going to a baby shower, and....drumroll, please....bringing my baby home wearing one of the gifts. Yes, its true. On Saturday, I went to the above-mentioned friends' baby shower with Tyler in tow. Somewhere during the gift opening, there was quite the rumble in the general vicinity of Tyler's hindquarters. Soon after, I realized that he had exceeded his diaper capacity and had a poop-splosion! And do you think I brought extra outfit? Oh, no! He rarely ever has these, so I don't usually carry an outfit with me. (Now I do :) So, I had taken him to the lobby area and was cleaning him up the best I could when an aunt came down. She insisted on getting me something from Baby Armando's stash, even though I protested. She went and got an outfit for Tyler to wear. Nothing like showing up to your friends' baby shower only to rip the tags off their stuff and put it on your own kid. That's high-class stuff people. I can just imagine someone seeing Tyler in his stolen outfit and thinking, 'hey, that's just like the outfit I got for Armando!' Uhhhhhh........maybe it is.

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Anonymous said...

I finally had a chance to read your blog this week and just read this post. We are glad you guys enjoyed Franky. Hopefully James and Katie weren't too tramatized.:)

I'm sure Armando didn't mind sharing his new clothes. Besides Tyler looked very cute.