Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today was terrible, Mama

Yesterday was one heck of a day. And not in a good way. It all started out innocently enough with a quick trip to the store. The kids were crabby, but unless I was going to resort to taping napkins to my daughter's hind end I needed to go out and get some diapers. And milk, eggs and a few things. We made it through the trip withonly moderate fighting over space in the annoying kiddie car shopping cart. (Are they really made for two children? I think not.) I loaded up the groceries, the kids, and low and behold, the truck wouldn't start. Nice. I got all my kids back out, went to the customer service desk and called Mom. She only had the truck, so had to drive to exchange the truck for the car, and come and get me. After loading all three car seats into the car, barely, we went home. Two hours later, we walked into the door. Phew! You'd think it would end there, right? Wrong. When Jeff got home, the whole idea was to eat dinner, go see if we could jump start the truck (Jeff thought it was the battery at first), and go the old house to get the dishwasher and the last few things, and go home. Well....not so. The truck started, then died, then started again. Jeff hauled off toward home thinking he could make it back (only a mile or two). I got stuck at a light, and didn't see that he had to pull over on a road he doesn't usually take, because the truck died. Thus I ended up driving back and forth and all around looking for him in the dark, with my tired screaming kids in the backseat. I finally had to go home, call him and see where he was. It was a fiasco. Dad ended up going to help with his truck which was so nice. Thanks, Dad! As I was tucking the kids into bed, James told me in a very sad and serious voice, 'Today was terrible, Mama.' When I asked him why, he said 'Because we couldn't find Daddy.' I remembered the time when my Dad went mountain biking and got caught out in a really bad storm. Mom threw us three kids in the van and we went out looking for him in the dark storm. I remember being very scared that my Dad was out there somewhere and we weren't quite sure where. I told James all this and I think he felt a little better. We both decided we were very happy when we found them!

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DayPhoto said...

Your baby is darling! And good for your dad...much better when someone else helps out.

I hate having to pull things. Like the truck the tractor, something stuck, icK! i USUALLY get yelled at for going to slow, going to fast, going not fast enough....stop! It's better with man help. Much better.

But on a farm it's usually me.