Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Enough to make a preacher swear!

Right now is nap time, in theory at least. James, who usually naps quite nicely, is just not going to sleep. One problem may be that I told him earlier we were going to the park after nap. He keeps coming out saying things like 'I woke up! I took my nap and I woke up!' and 'You gotta give me a kiss on the head since I hit it on your bedroom.' Hello!? Doesn't he realize that I have to do?! :) I am trying to finish birthday projects for both kids this week. Today's goal is to finish this coat for Katie. So, I am trying to make button holes before the 'nap' time is over. Then why the heck am I blogging, you ask? Well, I just put in the fourth button hole, and due to the material and my stinkin' sewing machine, I messed it up. Now I am picking a button hole out of this highly textured double-knit type material without stabbing myself in the finger. I had to take a break before my head exploded. Alright, I am going back in. Wish me luck! Hopefully I'll be posting a finished picture soon. As soon as we get a new camera anyway. Did I mention our camera passed away this week. May it rest in peace. OK, back to seam ripping now.......

Update: I did it! I picked out the offending button hole without sustaining any major injuries. I remade it, sewed on the buttons and as Mom would say...Sha-ZAM! Its done! Yeeeeehaw! I think this might be one of the favorite-est things I have ever made!!


mommareck said...

Can't wait to see pictures! Miss you and see you soon! :)

DayPhoto said...

You must be a VERY GOOD seamstress! If I tried it I would wind up with a mess. And today I don't do much of anything like knitting or sewing as my hands hurt too much. Wonderful. Take a photo please!