Thursday, September 10, 2009

I kicked Martha Stewart's butt today...(James' Birthday)

My baby boy is turning four today! I keep saying he's 'turning four,' but really he is four. This morning we went to the mall for a special birthday outing. James loves to go to Sears and see the tractors (lawn mowers), so we did that. Then we went to the food court to get a treat. I thought about ice cream, but didn't want the mess. James thought a pretzel sounded good so we went and ordered them. That place was a rip-off!!! Good pretzels, but a rip-off. Five bucks for two stinkin' pretzels. But I digress. I got them a cinnamon sugar one to share. Who was worried about the mess? Well, don't ever give your kids a cinnamon sugar pretzel to share. In about 3 minutes they will have little five o'clock shadows made out of cinnamon and sugar. But they thoroughly enjoyed it! During their naps, I did the following:
  • Made two loaves of multi-grain bread from a new recipe
  • Made a huge batch of cinnamon rolls
  • Roasted a chicken
  • Located the jammies I hid from James (and myself!) and sewed the button holes and buttons
  • Picked said chicken
  • Cut the tops off of four of our Jack-Be-Little pumpkins, hollowed them out, filled them and got them ready to bake
  • Made chicken poppy seed casserole
  • Baked bread
  • Put pumpkins and poppy seed casserole in oven
  • Started a big pot of stock with the chicken carcass
  • Sat down to write a blog entry instead of wrap James' presents which I really should be doing right now but I am too tired too
So, I think its safe to say I may have outdone Martha today, especially since I grew my own pumpkins, but unlike Martha, I do not have 'people' to do my dishes. Darn.

Tomorrow I hope to post some pictures of James and Katie, but for now, I've got a few more things to it bedtime yet??????

Happy Birthday, James!!! We love you very much!!


Anonymous said...

And the cinnamon buns were very, very, decadently delicious. Wow!

Jeff and Meg said...

Why thank you, anonymous! I am glad you enjoyed them!