Friday, September 04, 2009

My Sewing Machine + Nap Time

If you have kids, you know that nap time is very valuable. Not only do your kids get (hopefully) the rest they need to keep from turning into little savages by 5 o'clock, but you get the break you need to maintain some sort of sanity. It is during this time that you can pick up the 9 zillion Matchbox cars, cast-off bandaids, blocks, sticks, rocks, raisins and other flotsam and jetsam, all from the floors of your house. (only to have a new batch of junk on the floor by dinner time) Nap time also provides the opportunity to eat lunch, do laundry, dishes, and whatever other tasks you need to do. Somewhere in there, it is nice to have a little time for purely enjoyable pursuits. For me right now, sewing is the top on my list. Even if I can work on something for ten or fifteen minutes, it helps me feel happy and accomplished. (laundry does NOT give me a sense of accomplishment because it is NEVER done) Lately, I have been working on birthday projects, so I am 'forced' to use my nap to work on them. Such a shame. And next up, Christmas! That'll keep me in business for a while. James has developed a very high esteem for my sewing skills and thinks I can make him just about anything. Today, he asked if I could make him a James-sized baby sling 'during my nap time.' Clever boy. Fortunately, that was easy. One for him, and one for Katie...done. The only time I have failed him with my lack of mad skillz is when he asked me to make him an umbrella with sticks and fabric. That was/is/will be beyond the scope of my abilities. All that to say, in a very rambling way, that:

Nap times = good.

Laundry = bad.

Sewing = good.

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