Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moseying Along

Whenever we take a walk without the stroller, Katie likes to stop and look at everything. And I mean everything. Bugs, the crack in the sidewalk, a pebble, a dandelion, a 'pokey ball,' a pine cone, you name it. She stops to look at it. And if its not glued down, she picks it up. Yesterday she kept handing me sticky pine cones and 'pokey balls' and I kept dropping them on the sly as we walked along. She filled her tiny little pockets with seed pods and sticks, and her hands were full too. James also collects bits and pieces, but not to the extent Katie does. She also has a silly habit of insisting on walking with one foot on the sidewalk and one foot on the grass. Its definitely not fast pace when you take along a toddler, but its fun to watch, even if you do come back with 987 pine cones which 'have to stay outside the door,' thank you very much.

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DayPhoto said...

To see the world through a child's eyes is special. Very special!