Friday, November 14, 2008

Shampoo and Politicians

Am I the only one who reads every single word on the shampoo bottle whilst in the shower? Anyone? Bueller....Bueller........Bueller? I have decided that they hire politicians to write the claims for their products. "Will make your hair 5x's stronger, 5x's shinier" or "Strengthens each hair and repairs damage" or "Get lucious curls, without the crunch" Really? Does the shampoo have glue in it or something? How can it repair damage? And how does it make your hair five times stonger? And how do you measure the shiny-ness quotient? And might I add that claiming curls without crunch equals curls that fly away and turn to frizz. But that wouldn't make a very catchy claim. It all sounds like politician's claims: a lot of talk, but can they really deliver? Now I know where down-and-out politicians find employement: as shampoo marketing professionals.

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Jules said...

I think we should do an experiment and test out the shampoos and see if they do what they say. Most of the time I'm sure they don't, but it might be interested.