Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tu-ties, Scissors and a Manger

Apparently we have been doing an excellent job of getting the true meaning of Christmas across. James told me today, after asking me to set up the 'tristmas twee' for the 187th time, that 'it will be fun. We'll have tu-ties (cookies), scissors, a manger and fra-brit (fabric). Where he comes up with this stuff, I'll never know. He does know that at Christmas we celebrate Jesus' birthday. I told him we would make Jesus a birthday cake this Christmas, and he reminds me of that quite often. This morning, he told me that Jesus will not be sad anymore when we make him a birthday cake. That's sound theology there, my friends. We have the next Charles Ryrie on our hands. At least I will theoretically have about 987 more times to remind him of the true meaning of Christmas, judging by the average number of times per day he asks. He has the whole thing planed out: when its 'thanksdiving time, daddy will dit the twee and stuff out of the attic and we'll set up the twee and maybe Drammy will tome over and help us. It will be fun.' I am looking forward to the first Christmas where I think he'll really start to enjoy all the festivities and understand more of what's going on. And to think, its only 49 days away. Yikes!

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