Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tortilla Lament

I did my monthly grocery shopping extravaganza yesterday and that means stocking up on tortillas. Jeff and I believe that refried beans and tortillas deserve their very own food group. While I have pioneered making our own refried beans (much better than canned!), I have not perfected my own tortillas. I need to kick my tinkering in to high gear. The reason? Tortilla selection in the fine state of Peeeeee-A is dismal at best. At our grocery store, they sell two brands of unrefridgerated tortillas. One brand is dry and stale, the other brand is to tortillas what T@co Bell is to Mexican food. Except Taco Bell tastes alright. The refrigerated section offers an additional two brands to choose from. This is where I get mine, because they are the lesser of the two evils. The problem is, they taste just like the bag they come in. They are not fresh, and they have taken on the plasticy flavor of the bag. Argh! A wise man once said 'A good tortilla is hard to find.' How true. While I have a tortillador (stolen/borrowed from my parents) which makes a darn good tortilla, it does not make the large, flexible tortillas required to make a good bean burrito. So you see, my peeps, I have a dilemma. I must overcome the sad plight of the tortilla!

Now stop reading the blog and go VOTE!!! Be there or be square.


Trish D said...

I feel your pain!! (but probably not for much longer, ha ha!)

Ashley O said...

They make tortillas homemade in TX! They even give you a hot when when they are making them. They are delicious!!!