Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I Hereby Dub Thee....

Tyler...the Pocket Sized Dictator. Tyler has been getting up at odd hours of the night, crying. Not really loud crying, but crying none the less. The trouble is, if I don't get him almost immediately, he will wake the other two first. Katie is particularly sensitive to noise when she is sleeping. There is nothing quite like having two kids up at the same time, crying. I try to avoid it. That leaves me with one option, at least for a sleep deprived mother. Plop the kid in bed next to me and go back to sleep. After all, he is pretty darn comfy to snuggle with. The trouble is that he is used to his crib, and seems to sleep better in there. When he is with us, he will sleep, wake up, sit up and say 'Mom,' then sprawl out on top of me and say 'tickle,' at which point I tickle his back and he falls asleep. Ten minutes later he wakes up again, and sure enough, he would like the same treatment he received earlier, with a side of snuggles on top please. At some point, he may scoot himself up so far that he falls, head first, into the crack between the bed and the wall. I wake up in a haze, see two feet sticking up from the edge of the bed, fish him out and settle him back down. This routine really has got to stop, but I don't think the Pocket Sized Dictator minds it too much. I had to remind myself this morning that every time I get to the point of thinking 'What in the world can I do? This has to stop! I'm going to lose my mind!!! Is it OK to give him horse tranquilizer?!?!?!?' that is when they go back to sleeping all night. Let's hope that it holds true this time.

In other Tyler news, he is talking up a storm and is quite adept at telling us what he wants (another reason for the new moniker). Some recent Tyler quotes:

Scoop me up! Hold me.

My blankie fell off (for the 1000th time). Wrap me up, peas!

No, I don't want that!

Put me down, Mom!

I want yogurt, and pea-butter. (he would live off that if he could)

No, Kay-ee, eee, eeeee!!!

And in other news all together , James went to school today with NO CRYING, no anxiety, no stress. Woooohooooo!!!!!! Thank you Lord!

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