Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tyler and Wasabi Peas

Jeff brought some wasabi peas home from work yesterday. Tyler wanted to try one. He made a really awesome face when the heat hit him, then chugged on his sippy cup. Then he went for another, and another, and another. He must have eaten at 20-25 of them. After each one, he would take a drink and then slam back another one. It was so funny (and unbelievable) that we had to take a video.


Terry and Linda said...

Are they hot?!?!? I thought they would be hot so I have never tried them. But he is eating them (and he sure looks like you) like they are candy.

I'm stunned.


Ms. Mc said...

YESSS! I love kids who like spicy food!

Jeff and Meg said...

Not only does he like spicy food, Erin, but he (so far) has a clean record of not leaving an 'deposits' on your floor. What's not to love!? :)