Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Could Get Used To That

For the first time since we started our preschool 'co-op,' today was my day to be footloose and fancy free. Last week Tyler faked me out with a stuffy nose, so I kept him with me. Did he end up getting sick? Of course not. He was a little peach, though. Anyway, to spend my 1.5 hours of kid-less time, I decided to stop at Home Depot and get a can of spray paint. It is for a project that could turn out very nice, or very ugly. Four dollars are on the line here, folks. We'll see. Side note: I must be getting old. They let me buy the paint without checking my driver's license. Little to they know I will be out tagging railroad cars tonight with my robin's egg blue rustoleum!!! Just kidding. Was I going somewhere with this? Oh, yes, my morning off. After procuring said spray paint, I headed over to Barnes and Noble where I got myself a cup o' peppermint tea and plopped myself down with a few books from the Art section. It was nice. I do feel sad to see that B&N has deteriorated to a run-down looking version of its former self. The chairs were literally threadbare, with stuffing protruding from the arms. I opted for the (hopefully) less germ-infested wooden chairs, only a short distance away from a shoeless man sleeping in a chair. Not sure what that was about, but hey, I got to drink an entire cup of tea while it was still hot!

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Janet said...

You should try the BN over in Neshaminy's new and everything is still nice. I thought of that after we chatted this morning.