Friday, October 07, 2011

Random Randomness

  • I am nearly finished making myself a double-breasted fall coat! I never thought coat making was within my capabilities, but apparently I was wrong. Pictures to come.
  • James gave me approximately half a kiss when he went to school today. Was this the same kid who was crying everyday up until last week?! 
  • Katie has turned our kitchen table into her own personal art studio. She made me 15 cards yesterday, no joke...I counted. There are about 9 million little shards of paper on my floor. 
  • Tyler found the markers and 'decorated' the cedar chest. Um, thanks?
  • We are having the most beautiful weather today. I think I should go outside and plant my garlic.
  • In keeping with my morbid curiosity with polygamy, Jeff and I watched the second season of Sister Wives last night, courtesy of the library. It was just as weird as I expected.
  • Our dryer is broken and I have an abnormally large backup of laundry. If I go missing, tell Jeff to look for me under the towering pile of princess undies and cowboy clothes. This could get ugly.

1 comment:

Trish D said...

Wow, a coat?! Count me impressed! Glad that James is adjusting to school, and I love the idea of Katie's personal art studio ;) And a little hint - Mr. Clean Magic erasers are great when wood and marker collide (we joke that it saved D's life when he scribbled all over our coffee table with a Sharpie)