Tuesday, October 11, 2011


James has been wanting a go-cart for a looooooooong time, relatively speaking. He is 6, afterall.

 We found the plans from Family Fun, which is one of my favorite magazines.

The other day we measured and marked out the sides, seat and seat back. James loved it! He didn't even realize he was practicing handwriting. Sneaky mom.

Today I am hoping we can cut out the pieces. Wish me luck! My building credentials are limited to being an honorary gusset inspector at the ripe old age of 8-ish, and building the chicken coop. The plans do look very straightforward, though, so I think we can do it! If not, we'll recruit Jeff to bail us out!

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Terry and Linda said...

How much fun...for you and Jeff AND the kido's! Your talents are VERY amazing.