Monday, October 10, 2011

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Some of the goods

Last week we went to Lancaster and I bought, oh...a wee bit of fruit. Six half bushels of apples, a half bushel of pears and about eight pounds of Concord grapes. I made jam with the grapes, dried some of the pears and canned the rest, by way of Vanilla Pear Butter and Honey Vanilla Pears. Over the past week I have been doing the apples, and on Saturday my friend Jess came over and we kicked some major canning booty! All told, we got 34 quarts of applesauce, 18 pints of spiced apples and apples leftover for whatever ails ya. While I was cranking away at the applesauce, Jeff-the-engineer decided to make some sweet mods to my food strainer. After threatening reminding him not to permanently modify anything, he got to work. Next thing you know, I was cranking that bad boy with the cordless drill. Wee! That made things go quick. Super Jeff, to the rescue!

Cordless Drill Modifications!

The little puppy dog waiting for me to spill some (either that, or he's trying to figure out how to take the thing apart and build a bomb with it....yeah, that could be it. He is Jeff's son, after all.)

Random Chicken Picture: they are obsessed with toes! Actually, anything that looks like food is on their list of targets.

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Terry and Linda said...

WOW! A coat!!!! FOR YOU! Wonderful! I'll bet the chickens really enjoyed the 'left overs' from all your hard canning work!

I'm catching up with you... :)