Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Art Lessons!

Today marked the official start of our unofficial art lessons. We booked it back from school to find the kids arriving at the house. There were soon 6 excited kids running around my front yard screaming like banshees. Eric saw the ensuing chaos and jumped ship, or rather drove off in his speedy blue mini van. (Candi, you should have heard those tires squealing! Just kidding :) We got right down to business and started our project. When I saw the idea for this one I knew we had to try it. Here are a few pictures of the chaos fun.

 James (he better not flash that look for school pictures tomorrow!)
 The Gang, minus Tyler
 Cheese! (James did NOT want his picture taken)
 Katie, on the other hand...
 Take my picture!!
 Emma and Katie

P.S. I forgot to take pictures of the finished craft. Duh! You can click on the link to see what it is supposed to look like. We took sandwich bags filled with red/yellow/orange hole punches and taped it into the window, so the leaves would 'fall.' They turned out really cute.

Afterward, the kids collected eggs from the coop and Noah grilled me on how chickens have babies. It was awesome. It went something like this:

Noah: Can we keep the eggs? We can't eat them because they are going to turn into baby chickens, right?
Me: No, you need a rooster to have baby chickens.
Noah: Huh? Why?
Me: Well, you have to have a mommy and a daddy chicken to have baby chickens.
Noah: Why do you need a mommy AND a daddy?
Me: Ask your dad.

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