Friday, June 17, 2011

Norm Abram's Got Nothin' On Me

After waiting and waiting for Jeff to have the time and inclination to build the chicken coop, I took matters into my own hands. Watch out! Mama's got a miter saw and she knows how to use it! It was a nice sunny day, and I let the kids loose in the yard while I went to work. Jeff provided me with a very applicable quote that I would like to share (in regard to why it takes so long for him to get stuff done): "There comes a time in every project when you've got to shoot the engineer and start production." Nuf' said. I got out various tools, a measuring tape and went to work. For the left side, I was able to frame it up using a pile of window screens we had laying around. (I can get away with that because their coop is inside the shed and they will be locked up. Otherwise, predators would tear right through.) The board across the back is their roost, which they have yet to figure out. I even built the nest box myself! I wanted it to be easy for the kids to collect the eggs when that time comes. For the door, I also used a window screen for the top half. Check out the fancy doorknob. I was looking around for a door handle of some kind and remembered I had this old knob. I can always remove it if I find a place for it inside, but for now the hens have a little sparkle in their house! :) It isn't perfect, but its good enough. There are a few finishing touches to add, and then it will be all done! Despite the fact that they spent the first several nights in there cowered by the door, scared to death, I think they like it now. While I was building it, my neighbor came over to see what I was doing. He was very surprised that I was building it myself. He said, and I quote, 'Wow. You really are a tough broad!' He went home and told his wife, and apparently they had a good chuckle every time they heard the miter saw. 'There she goes again!!!' :)


Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is there ANYTHING you CAN'T DO????????????

Anonymous said...

I just had to show Doc the girls (chickens) new digs. He laughed and said
That is Jeff's new home when he gets in trouble! LOL :o)

Trish D said...

Way to go!

When I saw the fancy knob, my mind went back to your earlier Beyonce comment and someone arrived at, "You liked it so you're gonna put some bling on it."