Monday, January 03, 2011

Bumpy Weekend

This weekend was rife with mishaps. Tyler banged his head on the table, leaving a nice bruise on his forehead. Katie was doing acrobatics while she was supposed to be sitting still in time out and she fell on her forehead, leaving a bump and a scratch. James decided it would be a grand idea to put his arms inside his footie pajamas while spinning around on our desk chair. He fell like a lead balloon, with no arms to reach out and buffer his fall. He earned himself a pretty mean couple of bumps on the side of his face. (We have laminate in our carpet to soften the fall) And then, during a particularly raucous game of 'Who can find Waldo first?' James was sitting in my lap and we were racing to find Waldo. I had found him the first couple times, and James was really itching to find him first on the next page. I said 'I see him!!!' and James said 'Awww, no!' and threw himself back, managing to connect his incredibly unyielding noggin with my eye/cheek bone. It hurt really, really bad. And now, I am sporting a black eye to prove it. Fortunately its not too bad, but I'm sure it'll look pretty as it turns all the lovely shades that bruises do. (Incidently, this is my second black eye in 30 years, and the other one was also obtained while playing with James.) Send the bubble wrap and helmets, we need them!!!

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