Friday, January 28, 2011

More Snow

Its getting a little ridiculous around here. We got about 16 inches of snow on Wednesday. It was quite a storm, complete with news-to-me 'Snow Thunder.' It took us about three rounds of lightening to figure out what was going on. Yesterday we played outside for quite a while, shoveling, making a snowman and sledding down the snow pile on trash can lids. Even Tyler loves the snow. I will say that getting three kids dressed up for snow play is a lot of work! This morning cabin fever hit us hard. After staying home all week sans car, the kids were bouncing off the walls. Mom had the crazy idea of us walking over to their house. That entailed her meeting us at the road and carrying Tyler so I could carry the stroller across the green belt and the foot bridge. If she wouldn't have been there to help, there would be no stinking way I would have done it! But, I think we all benefited from getting out of the house. Now to entertain them for the rest of the day....

And here is a picture of the beautiful bowl that our friend Con-Rachel brought back for me from Africa. She went last year and brought me the salad tongs, and this year brought a bowl to match! It is so cool. And the fabric! She brought me two huge pieces of fabric to sew with. I have several ideas already for them. We'll see what they end up as.


DayPhoto said...

UGH! That is Way TOO much snow!


Anonymous said...


That is a lot of snow! Way more then what you had in Applegate! I am praying for you to get a car, hang in there! HOORAY for mom's, aren't they GREAT?

I heard that this next week the east coast is suppose to get more snow, maybe it will bypass you guys, I will pray that it will