Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Roping Dummy

James got a rope for Christmas: a 'cowboy' rope, as he calls it. Not too long before that, he had found instructions in our Family Fun magazine for making a steer skull out of a milk carton. Its one of those crafts that, despite the simple instructions, its obvious that they did more to make theirs look as nice as it does. However, ours isn't to shabby although he could use a coat of spray paint. Around the same time we made this plastic/tinfoil/masking tape creation, James expressed that he wanted something to practice roping. In the interest of protecting his younger siblings, we decided on a solution. We bolted the steer to a heavy cardboard box, and voila! A roping dummy. I am sure pretty soon I will be having cowboys lined up down the street wanting to purchase one of these things! Ha, ha!

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DayPhoto said...

I wouldn't be surprised! You are so VERY talented!