Friday, January 07, 2011

Just Right

We got the perfect amount of snow this morning. Just enough to play in, but not enough to make a big mess. We took out the awesome sled that my mom found in someones trash. (Seriously, who throws this kind of stuff away?!) This was Tyler's first experience really playing in the snow and he really liked it, especially when I pulled he and James along in the sled. Katie spend her time making tiny little snowballs and giving them to everyone. James spent his time throwing snowballs at everyone else. When we got back, James helped our neighbor clean off both of his cars. James thinks that is just the funnest thing, and he made sure to take frequent breaks to pelt poor Bud with snowballs. Luckily, Bud throws them right back! James was even happier when he came home $2 richer. :)

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