Monday, January 24, 2011

That Was Interesting

This weekend we had both cars inspected. (PA law) First the car, then the truck. On the way to pick up the truck, the car died. And, it appears that it has died for good. There is a small possibility that it will magically start up tonight but its not looking good. Everything was frozen solid and there was not enough antifreeze in the car. So now, we are a one car family until we figure it all out. I know that there are a lot of worse things, but it won't be fun. Jeff works an hour away so that means he gets the truck. Seems how it is a whopping 9 degrees out today, I don't think we'll be walking anywhere. :) Ah, well, to use a famous Grandma quote "This too shall pass." Hopefully soon!!

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DayPhoto said...

Dang it! Shoot! Too cold to go out, but a nice jaunt to the library could really help out.