Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sopapilla Lament

Jeff and I found a really good Mexican restaurant when we went away for our anniversary. It was quite exciting, really, given the fact that there are no decent Mexican restaurants in the area. Upon entering the restaurant, we were encouraged to find that the wait staff actually spoke Spanish. That's always a good sign. I ordered 'El Grande Especial' because I figured either go big or go home. It was pretty funny when we got our orders. Jeff received his platter of food: two chimichangas with rice and beans. I got my order, and it was so big it came on two platters!! was good. No, I didn't eat it all and fortunately we were able to make use of the redneck method of refrigeration: leave it in the car overnight=frozen food. We were quite excited to see 'Soft and Fluffy Sopapillas' listed on the menu. Emphasis on SOFT and FLUFFY. You see, apparently a good sopapilla is hard to find. (On the East Coast, anyway.) When we have found Mexican restaurants here, they serve a fried tortilla with whipped cream and fake chocolate sauce. Don't forget the maraschino cherry! Talk about major, life altering disappointment. :) Thus the reason we were thrilled to see the listing for SOFT and FLUFFY sopapillas. However, when we received our order, we were disappointed to find that their definition of soft and fluffy was more along the lines of flat and crispy. I have to say that whatever it was was a bit thicker than a tortilla, but barely. And fluffy? Fuggedaboudit! We laughed so hard I almost choked on my food. Our poor waitress must have wondered what was up. They actually did put honey on it, but it was not a real sopapilla. It was even more amusing when we saw 'soft and fluffy sopapilla' listed on our bill. I think we have given up all hope of ever finding a good one around here. I think I need to become my own full service Mexican restaurant. Until then, I will have to settle for fried tortillas with Hershey syrup. Ick!


DayPhoto said...

I laughed outloud when you said you got TWO plates! TWO!


Ms. Mc said...

So you're just going to have to make your own with that mix I sent you! :)