Friday, December 22, 2006

My Christmas Shiner

In keeping with the festivity of the season, I have obtained my very first shiner! Yes, a nice big black eye. Each day it has been kind enough to get more and more colorful, to accent my clothing choices. Yesterday, it was sort of bluish, which nicely complemented my blue and purple sweater. Today, it is nice and flaming RED!!! go with the Christmas theme I suppose. Before you're imagination runs wild, I'll tell you how I got it. I wish I could give you some exciting story of how I got in some valliant fight to rescue someone, but alas! I got it from James, sort of. We were playing a game where he 'pushes' me off the bench. He thinks its hillarious! This time, though, I wasn't antipating the edge of the bench as it jumped out at me. Wham! I don't ever rememeber hitting myself that hard, EVER! So, there's the story of my very first shiner, and hopefully the last.

1 comment:

mcwiggins said...

Yeowch! Meg, you need to tell everyone that you went to the Corral to hustle people at pool. And kicked their butts in Bond-girl fashion.

You should see the other guy. Oh wait, that's James. :)