Monday, January 17, 2011

Random Bits

  • Tyler now know plays peek-a-boo, says 'Uh-oh' all the time, and several other words
  • He still hasn't learned that he word 'No' does, indeed, apply to him
  • Katie bought a package of 9 'wings' (rings) from the dollar store, which she wears...all at once...and gets upset if one of her 'wings' falls off
  • James is mad that the snow hasn't melted off his 'farm' so he can do his farm chores
  • Jeff spent the weekend fixing both of our cars in the 29 degree weather. Despite my fervent prayer that the Impala would somehow roll out into the street and get hit by the trash truck (while Jeff wasn't working on it, of course), the car has now been restored to its previous condition (AKA Running, but barely)
  • Dad preached at church yesterday, and I actually listened to him! (unlike the days of my youth when I was not in the least bit interested in listening to my Dad preach) It was a darn good sermon, I might add. I brought James up with us so he could hear his Chappy preach and for the first half, he sat there like a little man, hands folded and listening intently. After that, he stayed quiet by drawing pictures on the bulletin. (I have drawn MANY a picture on church fact I used to draw the backs of peoples heads and make Mom guess who they were. Good ol' Evora Rippey wouldn't flinch during an entire sermon so she was quite an easy subject.)
  • See, I told you that would be random! So random, I can't even come up with a cohesive conclusion. Have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

Evora Rippey? Now that is a name that I have not heard in a number of years, wow does that bring back memories! Thanks for sharing, plus your dad preaching, WOW!

The memories are flooding my mind! Those were the good ol days! :o)