Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Flea Market (Rained Out) and My Pumpkins

Yesterday we dragged the kids to Rice's Flea Market. Its tradition. I have taken all my babies there at tender young ages, bundled up against the cold. (And believe me, it has been much colder on past trips!) James is on to our shenanigans. He wanted to leave as soon as we got there. I gave him the 'grow up, get a job and be responsible' speech. Just kidding. It would be funny though. We weren't there for long because none of the vendors wanted to set up shop. (Yes, we checked the forecast: one said rain, the other said sun)

And here is a picture of the most beautiful, darling, handsome, adorable, scrumptious, precious, and endearing children on the face of the planet. (That's for you, Candi! ;) Seriously, this is one of my favorite pictures of the three kids together. It makes me smile!

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