Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I just realized that I haven't posted anything in a while. My apologies. Since I've last posted, we have taken many a walk in the beautiful fall weather we've been having. One day we walked over to the park, fording the creek on the way. James was thrilled when I pushed Tyler across in the stroller, because it was 'just like a covered wagon crossing!' We have also been reading some of my Grandma Heppner's memoirs. James is particularly enthralled with the story of the dog getting its tongue stuck in the gears of the tractor when Grandpa was the motor to power his wheat grinder. On Saturday, I got to go to a sewing/craft day at our new church. I spent about 5 glorious hours sewing and visiting. I am working on little toy houses for the kids for Christmas, made from fabric and a total pain! But they are going to be awesome. So I got a lot done on James' without any curious eyes. (I'll post pictures when its done.) I also worked on a super-awesome Christmas present for my Mom. Jeff and I watched several really lame documentaries, which is a bummer because I love me a good documentary! (Never, ever watch 'Spellbound,' or 'The Amish Life', unless you also like to watch paint dry.) We then proceeded to watch a very freaky documentary that Jeff picked out about Suicide Bombers and why they are so effective and how much they hate Americans. It was very disturbing, or if you are Jeff, very 'informative and interesting.' Another exciting development is that Jeff has now earned the name 'Bean-Bean' from his Mexican peeps at the restaurant. He calls them his 'frijoles' and his 'homies,' and they call him 'Bean-Bean.' In fact, the owner's daughter even told him he could pass for a Mexican if he got a good tan. Now that is hilarious...totally false, but hilarious!

Well, enough randomness for one day. At least you know we are still alive and kicking. Tomorrow starts week 9 of O-H-I-O, which I am beginning to think of as Purgatory or 'Jeff's Lengthy Incarceration.'

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