Monday, October 25, 2010

The Happenings (and a whole lot of pictures!)

(One of James' recent drawings, of he and Tyler's farm)

**Pictures in no particular order, Blogger is giving me fits and I can't get this post formatted nicely***

James' portrait of our family, sans Katie (because he 'didn't want to draw her')

(Detail) I LOVE my hair and James' hair (me on left, James on right, Tyler in the middle)

Our first art lesson project: coffee filter painting with fall colors. James drew himself standing under the tree

Katie gazing at the chickens in Lancaster

He got up there all by himself!! This kid is nuts!!!

My handsome did he get so HUGE??

More James

I love this one! She always has that expression when she says 'I'll show you no comprendo!' (a veggie tales quote)

Tyler is thinking about making his escape

Aunt Sal and the kids

Happy Random Undie Dance!!! What? Don't you dance around with undies on your head?

And here are the latest happenings around these parts:
  • The kids had check-ups today. No surprise, but we have tall children. James is projected to be as tall as Jeff. Even Tyler is taller than average, although still a skinny little thing coming in at a whopping 20 lbs, 4 ounces
  • James and Katie both love to draw, which excites me to no end! Katie has just started drawing people and James likes to make very detailed drawings with lots of people, animals and buildings.
  • James has been eating up a storm!! Tonight he ate roast chicken, a salad, and three big muffins. The other night at my parents he ate two sandwiches and two tubs of applesauce and a 'few' (Mom's words) treats too. ;)
  • We went on an actual date on Saturday. Such a novel idea. We had a great time!! Thanks to Grammy and Chappy for entertaining the kids!
  • We went to Lancaster on Friday for fun. And by we, I mean Mom, the kids and I. After waiting for Jeff to be done in Ohio, and realizing that won't be any time soon, Mom volunteered to come with me. We went to my favorite place for lunch, saw Aunt Sally, I bought two BUSHELS of apples and some fancy sprinkles. Now to make some cookies! And loads of applesauce. We also went into an Amish-run tack shop and got a new piece of leather for my poor decrepit Bible. It needs some serious attention, but I can't bear to get a new one when that one has been with me for so long. James found a horseshoe there, which he was quite happy with. He informed me that he 'liked talking to the Amish guy; he was really nice.'
  • Tyler is busting out teeth left and right (at night, of course!). In the last week, he got a front bottom tooth, and two top molars. Now he is working on the bottom two molars and his other side bottom tooth. Crazy! He got the first four at 8 or 9 months and then nothing since then. I guess he's trying to get them all out at once.
  • Jeffrey is officially sick and tired of eating out after eating approximately 10 meals out a week. Ick!
  • Oh, and how can I forget!! Today is the 12th anniversary of our first blind date, although technically I had met him once before the fact. Someday for posterity I'll write about our first date in its entirety, because it was a doozy. Its a wonder we made it past that. Happy 12 years, Jeff, even if you a) don't read the blog, and b) don't believe in celebrating date-iversaries!!
  • Phew! I think that's it. If you made it to the end then give yourself a big ol' pat on the back!

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DayPhoto said...

Your kids are sure growing! I'm so sorry for Jeff, I'll bet he can hardly wait to get home to your cooking. And his easy chair. And the kids.