Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Muy Bien!!

Jeff has been released from his ten week incarceration in Ohio!! Yippee!! This week, week Numero TEN, will be his last. While there is some disappointment in that he will be unable to finish the job he has worked so hard on, there is also muchos relief that he will be free! So much relief, in fact, that it is apparently making me feel like bursting forth with what poquito espanol I know. I think we need to hold a fiesta in honor of this momentous occasion.

On a side note, when I Googled one of my limited Spanish words (you know, to make sure I was remembering it right and didn't inadvertently post a bad word...) Speedy Gonzales came up. And you know what I learned? He has been banished from the airwaves because he furthers 'ethnic stereotypes.' Seriously! What is this world coming to? Our children can't watch a speedy Mexican mouse, but they can turn on Sesame Street to see Jay-Z (among other celebrities that little kids should be oblivious to) or listen to propagana-laced cartoons pushing flu shots, evolution, extreme environmentalism (like not picking flowers at all because every flower is a creatures home!), etc. OK, total rant there, but its true! And the reason my kids watch little in the way of TV.

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Phillip and Rachel said...

Muy buena nueva!!!